2022, Udmurtia 

I explore villages where women and women’s communities are centres of power. Women initiate and organise events, gather in creative teams, participate in cultural events, write grant applications, preserve traditions, increase tourist attraction, cook together, learn and master new activities. The phenomenon of women’s superpower is most clearly visible in ethnic villages. In Udmurtia, lyrical female rituals have been preserved and practised during holidays. In many, even small, villages, folk women’s groups gather, the most famous of which are probably the Buranovskiye Grannies. Some filming takes place in dying villages, where female activity remains almost the only manifestation of life. I hope that by the end of 2023, the footage will be compiled into a book.  “Nylös” in Udmurt means “girls”.

Благодарю за содействие жителей старообрядческих куста деревень Бараны-Прохорово-Захватай и Вавилова, коллектив Сяська Льымп деревни Удмуртский Лём.