The heroes of the project are rural paramedics who live and work in the countryside, manage a large household, do social work and are always ready to help. A rural paramedic in Russia is a doctor, a psychologist and a social worker all in one. A village paramedic has no days off, the first aid bag is always packed. Each paramedic serves 2-3 villages. Many paramedic stations in villages are not equipped with running water and sewage. Cleaning and yard care also falls on the shoulders of medical workers.Traditionally in Russia, rural paramedics are women aged 50-60 with an average of 30 years of work experience. Young people rarely choose this profession.

   Since 2018, Russia has had a state program under which newly arrived medical workers in rural areas receive substantial payments and benefits, but the difficulties faced by newly arrived medics have significantly hindered the implementation of this seemingly attractive state project. In a situation of health care crisis reinforced by the pandemic, rural paramedics continue to do their jobs.

   Russia, Bashkortostan, 2021